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Plant wars: radish vs radish

Which is the best radish?

It has been over a week since our first radish harvest. Time, then to compare results – a European battle between France and Poland as the red and white French breakfast take on the yellow zlata.

ROUND 1 – Growing
France: Seedlings show quickly and display rapid growth, with most radishes plumping up nicely.
Poland: Equally fast germination, although some roots seem less interested in fattening.
Round 1 winner: France

ROUND 2 – Harvest
France: Plenty to pluck, but a fairly small window of time in which to enjoy them before they start to look old and ragged.
Poland: A steady harvest with several specimens looking like they want to keep on swelling to monster sizes.
Round 2 winner: Poland

ROUND 3 – Pest attacks
France: As they grow a fair volume of root rises above ground, opening them up to cheeky nibbles.
Poland: Much more radish remains covered and even the exposed areas show a remarkable lack of flesh theft.
Round 3 winner: Poland

ROUND 4 – Looks
France: A classic, vibrant red and white variety taking on various shapes and sizes.
Poland: Wonderfully round and an unusual colour, albeit a bit grubby looking.
Round 4 winner: France

ROUND 5 – Texture
France: Smooth and crisp, just like a radish should be.
Poland: A hearty crunch but the skin is a bit rough.
Round 5 winner: France

ROUND 6 – Taste
France: A good, mild peppery tang. As you would expect.
Poland:  Also tastes very radishy. A bit hotter. A tad more bitter.
Round 6 winner: France

The Two Thirsty Gardeners radish champion is…
There’s not a lot wrong with the Polish contender but when it comes to the crunch the French just shade it. Viva le radis!

Seeds sown: Radish ‘French Breakfast 3’, Thompson & Morgan
Radish ‘Zlata’, Suttons Seeds 


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