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Turning over an old leaf…

how to make leaf mold

At this time of year the warm and yeasty delights of the brewing shed are way more appealing than the cold, muddy mess of the allotment. But leaves have been falling, and turning them into leaf mold is so quick and easy that even my lazy, warm blooded limbs can shake themselves into half an hour’s worth of outdoor activity.

We don’t have an open frame for making leaf mold so I’ll be using the tried and tested bin bag method. It goes like this…
1 Rake up leaves
2 Stuff into bin bag
3 Soak with water
4 Make drainage holes in bottom
5 Leave in shady place

In about ten months they will be decomposed and ready for scattering on the plot as mulch or piled into pots for seedlings. The nutritional benefits aren’t huge but it’s great for conditioning the soil and increasing water retention.

And now i’m out of the cold it’s back to the shed for a warming glass of sloe gin…

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