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Werther’s Original Vodka: ‘Sweet and creamy and uncommonly good’

Whilst clearly not grown on an allotment, chances are that you’ll find the main ingredient to this tasty drink lurking in quite a few elderly gardeners sheds up and down the country.

Septuagenarian sweet of choice, the hard-boiled toffee/denture binding agent known as ‘Werther’s Original‘ make a fine drink when combined with a bottle of cheapo vodka. Simply take one packet (135g) of the pensionary sweets, unwrap them and shove them in a bag. Place the bag on a hard surface, then smash to bits with a mallet. In no way would we encourage watching this 1980’s Werther’s telly ad to get annoyed by, before pummelling the toffee treats in a needlessly aggressive act.

Pour the smashed confectionary pieces* into a 750ml bottle of vodka. You’ll need to remove 100ml vodka from the bottle first to make room. (Approx 4 shots).

Shake the bottle daily until the sweets have dissolved. Your toffee flavoured vodka will be ready after five days of agitation.

Enjoy in a hairy brown cardigan, by the fire… it’s what gramps would’ve wanted.

*Vodka can be flavoured with many types of sweets using this method…. aniseed balls, pear drops, you name it. Let us know if you have a favourite.
Thanks to ‘The Giant of Wiltshire’ for this toffee-tastic idea.


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    • Hi Paul, it’s a drink to warm the cockles, that’s for sure.
      As a matter of interest, what’s the winter warming drink of choice for the frozen Minnesotan?

  • Tasted amazing but i seem to have got some kind off foam/ froth at the top of the bottle which doesnt looks so tasy, any advice in how to remove it? or something?

    Thanks in advance! // Eric

  • instead of leaving it for five days shaking daily, wrap the bottle in clingfilm, and put it into the dishwasher on a 70 deg program, (with no detergent), when you remove it shake the bottle wait until it gets cool shake again and strain then put it into the freezer until you need it… an also add 50 grams of dark chocolate before you put it into the dishwasher

    • WOW – Lying Cow, that sounds amazing. I tried this last year, it was not a success! Foamy, looked vile but I will give it another try. By the by it tasted OK but the look of it put off most of the family!

    • Hi Janette.
      Yes, the Werther’s vodka will stay cloudy, but don’t let that put you off!
      The strength will not change. Which is probably for the best.

    • Hello Janette
      if you let it filter through filter paper that you can buy for filtering coffee
      then the clarity is very good. Not sure if it affects the taste. I suggest you just
      filter a small amount first and taste. It takes a while to filter but the result is
      great. you can buy the filters at supermarkets (Melitta and Lyons make them)
      in various sizes

      • Mick.
        Ive filtered with both coffee filter paper & plain kitchen roll.
        The coffee filter was useless & the the kitchen roll worked a treat – it worked a treat cos the soddened tissue couldnt be binned, so I drank it, well, sucked it dry.
        Lordy but I was ill the next morning. Had to go back to my bed.
        I made the kitchen roll into a triangle and rested it in a plastic funnel, sitting in a sterilised bottle. Worked a treat.

  • Such a funny script therefore will be making this treat for my bonfire friends whilst watching fireworks and listening to Slash/Rush/Ac/DC and BBQing. PS None of us has reached hairy brown cardy stage yet, but a few grey hairs will be in abundance. Will tell you how it turned out and went down !

    • Hi Maureen.
      The vodka will ensure your drink keeps indefinitely, but after time you may notice a bit of separation occurring in the bottle. A vigorous shake should fix this.

  • I’ve tried this lovely stuff before… If you filter it, the taste is the same but the creamy texture disappears. So if you can bear the separation and shake before use that’s the best way.

    I did skittles vodka, with separate colours (which is best filtered using coffee papers) and I came across this blog while checking up on quantities to use for my next concoction… Lemon sherbet vodka! The small trial run tasted yummy!

  • I made toffee vodka using two packets of wurthers original. One didnt taste toffee enough for me. I used cheap bottle any vodka and put them all into a mason jar. £1.50 Asda. I kept shaking every couple hours or so keep hold of the lid, just incase. Within two days it was ready. I used netted shieve to get rid of some of the foam. Poured into large jug then into the original bottle the vodka came in. Put it in the fridge and shake before you pour. Now im not a neat vodka drinker so i added lemonade or bitter lemom is nice only one thing unsure of is how long to keep refridgerated for. The one i made at christmas was shared with friends now its just for me. Im now tepting mars bar vodka only unsure how long this also can be kept for. Any help please thankyou Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, no need to worry!
      Because the vodka is distilled alcohol, it won’t go off. You might see a bit of separation happening in the bottle, but just give it a bit of a shake before pouring and you’ll be fine.

  • Good People,
    Are you familiar with the effect of putting the vodka in the freezer ??
    If you dont know – firstly – it doesn’t freeze. Secondly – it pours slow & thick like engine oil.
    An amazing sight.
    It reverts to normal after ‘defrosting/deicing’ but its a great conversation stopper if shown to the unaware. x

  • I’ve made all sorts of vodka with produce from hedgerows but i’d never thought of making sweet/toffee vodka. Can’t wait for next shopping day to stock up on an extra bottle (or 2 — or 3 ) of vodka.

    • Hi Jannie
      Rum will tend to dominate, so Werther’s (or your toffee of choice) work best when plunged into something neutral like vodka.
      That said, if you’ve got a bottle of cheap rum you want to mess around with, it’s certainly ‘Werth’ a try.

  • I make this all the time, although I use 2 pkts of candy toffees to 75cls… Hence why I’ve piled the weight on… But a drop or two if this delicious drink neat on a glass full of ice is just simply delicious mmmmm

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