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Ice Ice baby

Remember those cider lollies you used to get in the 70s? Remember licking one as a child, then pretending to wheel around the playground* as if giddily drunk on the naughty frozen booze contained within?
Just me then?

Anyway, A Bath-based company have taken these Lollies to the next evolutionary step and have developed a range of boozy, high quality ices based on classic cocktail recipes.
Cocktail Natives is the company responsible, a husband and wife team who, after spending years in the drinks industry, have launched the range in an effort to reach people seeking something unique and memorable to serve at weddings, events and other fancy gatherings.

Co-founder Crispin Shingler says “My wife Suzi and I were married in May just outside Bath and we found there is nothing like Cocktail Natives available for couples who want to do things a bit differently.”

“Cocktail Natives make proper cocktails using the best ingredients and traditional recipes. The exiting part is that we freeze our cocktails into cocktail ice lollies – which is something we haven’t seen done in a big way before. We are proud to be different and proud of how great our cocktails look and taste.”

Along with the six classic cocktails on offer, Cocktail Natives can also work with you to create your own bespoke ices for your event. All cocktail ice lollies can be delivered in specialist freezing equipment, and freezers are available to hire. Lollies can also be delivered directly to your house if you are planning some kind of up-market house party** and need to get it jumping.


Ices, ices, penny a lick. Photo: © Matt Lincoln

As well as the traditional 75ml lolly shaped icy boozes, Cocktail Natives can also provide 60ml ice poles and even 10ml ice ‘canapés’ for the ideal pre-dinner aperitif.

We reckon Cocktail Natives are on to a winner here, frozen booze lollies sound just the ticket for fancy outdoor weddings***. Just think…no hanging around waiting for some bored bartender to shake you a shabby margarita, just grab a pre-mixed, frozen cocktail and off to the dance floor you go. And the added bonus is that no drunken, macarena-ing aunties will ever manage to spill your frozen stick of booze. Win!

If you fancy bringing a touch of icy decadence to your event, visit to find out more. Here’s a list of the current range, but Crispin tells us a winter selection is under development, so keep your eyes peeled for new additions.

Strawberry Daiquiri
Gin Fix
White Russian
Halo polo (mocktail)
Chai latte (mocktail)

Of course we couldn’t resist compiling our own ‘Top Six Lollies We Would Quite Like To Lick’.

1. Cider and black
2. Sangria
3. Mulled wine
4. Imperial stout
5. Sloe gin
6. Nicks pods and sods wine****


* I did the same with cans of Top Deck

**Never been to any of these.

*** Or these.

****Crispin, we’ve got bottles of the stuff if you fancy making some – we’ll offer you a good discount too. PLEASE come and take them off our hands. (Sorry, no returns accepted).



A selection of Cocktail Native Ices taking a bath. Photo: © Matt Lincoln


  • There’s maybe some potential here but I think my tongue would go cold before I got enough alcohol. I do recall cider lollies though. Haven’t had one for many many years but from what I recall they were quite good.

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