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Measly yields? Ask the experts!

Peas in pod

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Jordan Brough, working on a blog for garden retailers Tiger Sheds, wanting some “expert advice” for his latest post on how to avoid measly veg yields. It’s not often we’re referred to as experts, so of course we obliged.

The panel giving the advice also included some proper experts – horticultural lecturer Sarah Owen-Hughes and Asian crop specialist Sally Cunningham. We like to think our ramshackle, lazy gardening techniques offered some balance to their more professional approach to the subject.

Among the pearls of gardening wisdom found within the artice, Sarah recommends using rotted nettle or comfrey leaves (known in the trade as ‘tea’) to fertilise plants while Sally suggests planting a wide range of veg so that “no matter what the climate is like, it’ll be the ideal conditions for something.”

Meanwhile, we mustered up the following sage bit of knowledge on how to handle garden pests: “We’ll try most things once and if they get devoured then we just don’t bother.” Quality advice like that can be hard to come by so we’re grateful of the chance to share it with readers of other blogs.

To read the full article – with some genuinely good tips on how to maximise your harvest – click here.

And if your blog is in need of some expert advice, by all means ask the experts…

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