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Wild Tea. An announcement about our book

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This summer was due to be filled with launch parties and festival visits as we were all set to launch our new book to the world: Wild Tea.

It was written, designed and printed, but then along came two large spanners that firmly lodged their rusty bits in the works.

The first of these you can guess: Coronavirus, which has caused all sorts of logistical problems for publishers, not to mention the cancelling of launch parties and festivals at which to promote books.

Secondly our publisher, Eddison Books, was put up for sale prior to the launch date which consequently put everything on hold. 

Happily, book aces Welbeck Publishing has scooped up Eddison, including the publishing rights to our book, so it will still see the light of day. But it has been decided that it’s best to start again with launch plans next year, so Wild Tea won’t be hitting the shelves until spring 2021.

If you’re one of the good folk who has already pre-ordered the book then please accept our apologies for not having received it (if it’s any consolation, we still haven’t seen the final printed thing). Please contact the retailer who made the sale to find out about their policies regarding refunds or re-scheduled deliveries.

If we have any updates we’ll post them on this site and look forward to seeing you at some of those festivals in 2021.

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