The Veg Plot

Nice one, sorrel

Purple veined sorrel plant

If you’ve ever seen one of those posh TV chefs stumbling around a hedgerow putting bits of edible weed into a dainty wicker basket, then the chances are that sorrel is among the harvest. And while we’re certain that most of the foraged foliage is far less “delicious” than they make out, sorrel is surprisingly tasty. It can be used like spinach, cooked or in salads, and has quite a pronounced, lemony flavour.

Sorrel is also a useful perennial for the allotment, so we bought a couple of specimens from a local market – a standard, all green plant and this purple tinged variety which, though more attractive, is considerably less lemony. The herb seller reckons they can cope with any old soil but prefer a bit of shade, so we’ll dig out a pair of holes in our most weed savaged patch by the hedge and see how they get on. A nice start to our own, edible hedgerow.

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