The Veg Plot

Stihl strimmer, destroyer of worlds

This morning was set aside to tackle the tangled morass of weeds and grass that has taken over the outer walkways of our patch. Not wanting to mess about, it was time to unleash our petrol driven strimmer know as ‘The Beast’.

The Beast cares not of light rain or drizzle, for its purpose is to DESTROY ALL THAT LIES BEFORE IT.  After starting the bad-boy up, I strode through the allotment with impunity. All fell before The Beast… nettles, weeds, snails, raspberry canes, the lot.

With hindsight, it became apparent that maybe a set of shears would’ve been more appropriate, as now the allotment beds are completely COVERED in slices of grass and stuff. Nick’s leek bed in particular has taken a right old battering, making it difficult to distinguish between weedy leek plant or eviscerated nettle.

Here’s hoping it dries up and blows away before Nick visits the allotment later. No-one wants to witness another Andy Murray style breakdown, do they?


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