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Bring back the marrow!

baby bush marrow plant

Once upon a time Britons used to love a marrow. Every plot would save a space for a marrow plant and, in the kitchen, they would be sliced and fried, hollowed and stuffed or steamed and mashed. They were cheap, plentiful and more healthy than chips.

Then along came the posh TV chefs and introduced us to the courgette (or zucchini, as they were usually called back then).

Marrows were soon confined to heaviest vegetable competitions as their leaner, fancier, foreign cousins became our number one cucurbit.

Like the rest of the nation we’re also partial to a good courgette, but we’re not willing to forget the humble marrow. And we don’t simply mean an oversized zucchini. Proper marrows will develop a harder skin, allowing them to store for longer, and also come in their own range of colours and flavours. Rich has already got designs on my prize marrow for an even longer forgotten drink – marrow rum. Apparently it involves beheading, hanging and rotten flesh (and he casts doubts on my pod wine…)

So, pester your local supermarket. Write to your local MP. And, most importantly, grow your own… and join us on our campaign to BRING BACK THE MARROW!

Plant grown: Marrow baby bush, from Westonbirt Arboretum plant centre


  • Hear ye, hear ye! Bring back the marrow indeedy.

    It’s a much more substantial beast than the courgette isn’t it? (which I love too)

    I’ve got my pitchfork ready, whenever it is we’re descending upon Westminster…

  • Grown Marrows ever since i had an allotment, now over ten years. How about Ginger Marrow Jam.
    Ingredients, 1kg marrow peeled & seeds removed, 1kg jam sugar, juice of 1 lemon, 3cm piece root ginger, peeled & roughly chopped.
    Method, Place all ingredients in a food processor & blend to an even consistency, no lumps, in a large saucepan heat the mixture over medium heat until sugar is dissolved stirring occasionally this may take some time bring to the boil for 20 or 30 mins until setting point is reached, pour into jam jars. Good luck, next curried marrow soup.

      • They say marrow is boring well, you can make chutney, you can stuff it with meat or tuna tomato & olives, couscous, rice, my favourite is the curried marrow soup though, you can even add chicken to it, its not boring at all!!

  • Hey Nick, Just seen this, Marrows have never left us here in the Cotswolds, our family has an annual “marrow-fest” where we all have to bring a marrow with an unusual stuffing! competition can be stiff…..

    • This sounds great. You’ll have to let us know which stuffing stuffs the opposition to take the marrow crown

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