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What to do with surplus beetroot

easy beetroot pickle recipe

If you’ve had a beetroot bonanza this year then you may be wondering what to do with all that ruddy red goodness. Here are our top 10 tips to beat the beet boredom…

1. Pickle
It’s an obvious choice, but few things pickle quite like a beetroot. Try it in a sandwich with some cheddar cheese. Go on then!

2. Roast
Slowly roast in foil with a slurp of honey, or chop up with other roots for a roast veg medley. Lovely with a leg of lamb.

3. Tart
Pastry. Beetroot. Goats cheese… Tartastic!

4. Wine
Beetroots are packed with flavour, sugar and ruby red juice. And they ferment into a very gluggable vin de betterave. Follow Rich’s basic beetroot wine recipe here.

5. Beer
Want your beetroot booze by the pint? Then make some beer out of it…

6. Coleslaw
Did you know that beetroot can be eaten raw? Use in a salad or grate it as a base for a crunchy coleslaw – it goes especially well with red cabbage and a squeeze of orange juice.

7. Curry
Beetroot pachadi is a popular South Indian speciality flavoured with coconut, ginger and other curry spices. Makes a majestic mauve side dish.

8. Hummus
Cook first then use as an alternative to chick peas for a very dapper looking dip.

9. Cake
Thought carrot was the only veg for cake consideration? Think again. Beet is also in the baker’s good books.

10. Chutney
Makes a champion chutney in its own right, but also combines well with almost any other fruit and veg for purple preserve perfection. Read our recipe below…


Our easy beetroot and ginger chutney recipe
This recipe is based on 450g (1lb) beetroot, but you can substitute a percentage of beet for other surplus fruit or veg such as apples, marrows or tomatoes. For my latest batch I’ve lobbed a few pears and handful of raisins into the mix.

Chop 230g (0.5lb) onions and soften in a large knob of butter. Add your beetroot (grated) and other optional vegetables with about 2 teaspoons of grated ginger, a teaspoon of salt, 320g (0.7lb) sugar (I prefer it golden) and a good grinding of black pepper. Pour in 0.7 litres vinegar (any type will do) and simmer for about an hour, or until a thick, sticky consistency is reached. Store in sterilised jars and serve after two months of maturing.

Delicious with a slab of Stilton and glass of elderberry wine or port.


Got any beetroot tips? Scribble your suggestions below…


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