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Seedy Penpals seed swap

This year we’ve joined a popular seed swapping scheme to share growing experiences with complete strangers. ‘Seedy Penpals’ is run by Carl Legge and works something like this…

1. Swappers submit their details to Carl who matches everyone to two seedy penpals.
2. One of these penpals will receive seeds from you, the other will send seeds to you.
3. You get in touch with your penpals, discuss requirements, then despatch and receive seeds.

Having followed these simple rules we have sent a package of some of our favourite crops to Suzy (@SuzyintheGarden) in Milton Keynes and yesterday we received a carefully selected seed bounty from Hayley (@fleurmania) in Pershore. Here’s the list of new-to-us seeds we’ll soon be sowing…

• Asparagus pea
• Mooli radish
• Agastache ‘licorice white’
• Kailan kichi (Chinese broccoli)
• Shungiku (Chopsuey greens)
• Mixed cornflower (edible, according to Hayley)
• Garlic chives
• Wrinkled crinkled cress

A few of these we’ve never heard of but they’ve all been delivered with reassuring instructions and will receive our very best attention so as not to let anyone down.

For more information on Seedy Penpals visit Carl Legge’s website here and check out for updates on twitter with the hashtag #seedpenpals



  • Proof that my handwriting is illegible, please read Kailan and Shungiku. I too have received a wonderful collection of seeds courtesy of Helen in Northampton. Looking forward to sowing them as soon as it warms up. I feel I should add that edible doesn’t always mean palatable! Happy growing guys.


    • Thanks for pointing out those typos – I have corrected them. And thanks again for the great selection of seedy treats. Being home brewers we’re very familiar with the differences between ‘edible’ and ‘palatable’ and are always keen to test the limits of both! We’ll keep you posted with growing (and subsequent brewing) progress…

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