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How to make the perfect Irish coffee

Easy Irish Coffee recipe

The Irish like a black, boozy drink topped with a creamy white head. And so do we. In the absence of a recipe for their famous stout we’ve decided to make its hotter look-a-like – Irish coffee. It’s easy when you know how, just follow these simple instructions…

1. Find the most ridiculous looking wine glass / goblet hybrid you can lay your hands on and dunk it in hot water (pouring boiling coffee into a cold glass will shatter your Irish coffee dreams).

2. Brew up a pot of strong coffee (ours is Columbian ‘supremo’, if you’re interested).

3. Pour a shot of Irish whisky into your goblet. Or Scotch for a Highland coffee. Or bourbon for a Kentucky coffee. Etc.

4. Add two teaspoons of brown sugar. If you don’t like the sound of sweet coffee then too bad – you need sugar to make the cream float.

5. Fill your goblet with coffee – leaving a space for the cream – and stir to dissolve the sugar.

6. Hold a spoon so its base is just touching the surface of the coffee.

7. Slowly pour thick (double) cream over the spoon so it settles on the coffee without mixing. Note: do not use whipped cream, squirty cream, foamy cream or any other dairy deviant.

8. Drink.

Irish coffee with cream

Black magic: see how the cream floats…


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