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Bunch of fives: climbing devices

Climbing bamboo canes

Some plants like to climb. But what is the best climbing device to help them reach their ultimate altitude? Let our handy guide help you decide…

Bamboo canes

1. Bamboo canes
Nature’s best support and a frim favourite of runner bean growers. Tie them in classic wigwam or ridge tent structures, or use a single cane to support wobbly individuals.
Available from: All good garden centres. Or grow your own.

Pea sticks

2. Twigs and sticks
A roughly assembled arrangement of twigs and sticks is a perfectly adequate free option for several plants. Particularly suited to shorter climbers such as peas and mouse melons. Hazel is the twig of choice but we find most trees or bushes will serve up something suitable.
Available from: The nearest hedge

Hops shed

3. Shed or fence
If you’ve got a shed or fence within your growing boundaries then it’s worth considering using it to support plants, such as our hop bines (pictured). You’ll probably have to deploy string to guide them in the right direction. Particularly useful to cover ugly constructions.
Available from: Seek out your local hardware store for cheap tacks and string.

Pea netting

4. Netting
A bit of netting is a climbing plant’s dream, with bits to latch on to at every turn. Handily it keeps birds out from precious fruits but an be a bit of bother to put up (and even harder to take down).
Available from: Garden centres and DIY stores

Garden maypole

5. Maypole
A maypole consists of a sturdy central support pegged down with string, which doubles up as a climbing support. Lasts a lifetime and is especially attractive if growing veg among your flowers. Also the best option to dance around.
Available from: Can be harder to track down… ours came from


Note: kindly sent us a maypole for review. We liked it enough to include it in this feature


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