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The Muck Boot Field Test

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Stand aside, Zoella*… there’s a new vlogger(s) in town!

Ok, so we might not have the greatest faces for tv, (or radio for that matter) and the following footage looks like it’s been edited with a lawnmower, but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, yeah?


Proudly presenting to you, our first (and quite possibly last) video blog. Behold our Muck boot field test, in all its mud-splattered glory.



muckbootJealous of our resplendent, neoprene clad trotters? Fancy treating your own feet to a bit of posh welly indulgence?

Go read all about the full range here…




* Next month: Nick shows us the contents of his clutch bag.

Note: we were contacted by the very nice PR people representing Muck Boots who sent us the goods to review. Rich already owned an old pair, which he loves, so it’s not just because they were nice that we agreed to the review.

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