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Growing grass from seed – The Mini-Lawn Challenge

This month, we’ve been challenged by Wickes – along with other bloggers and gardening types – to see who can grow the best ‘mini-lawn’ using the materials sent to us in a mini-hamper packed with grass-growing goodies. This is all the more amusing if you’ve seen the state of my lawn*, but we’ve dutifully agreed to take part and chart our progress.

Along with three pre-prepped pots, they sent us a box of grass seed, a flagon of Grow-Sure, a water pistol through which to administer water, and – rather optimistically – a pair of nail scissors with which to trim our mini lawns (or toenails, in the absence of grass).

Controversially (and in flagrant breach of the competition rules set down in the press release), I shall be growing a scale replica of Wembley football pitch**, whilst Nick has taken it upon himself to grow some ‘living beer mats’… whatever the hell they are.

We’ll be Tweeting our progress under the hastag #GrassisGreener, so if you fancy following our road to sure-fire victory, check our twitter feed during the month of May and you can literally watch our grass grow.


Mini Wembey, circa. 1981. Before turf.


Nicks ‘living beer mats’. Or ‘bird feeding trays’, unless he covers them sharpish…

* Imagine Death Valley with a smattering of dandelions.

**Inspired by the small pot of ‘Wembley sand’ I still have from a school trip, circa 1981. I was planning to dig up some turf, but we were only allowed as far as the running track that circumnavigated the old pitch. Curse you, cockney groundsman….


  • Growing grass from seed takes too long for me!
    I’d much prefer to put some turf down, plant some beautiful flowers, and watch my garden blossom!
    I think this year, this may change as I have decided to make way for a patio, re-grassing one area and sowing all my plants from seeds.

    Great article- Thanks for sharing!

    • Get sprinkling those seeds… and don’t forget to tweet the pictures #GrassisGreener (or send them to us and we’ll do it!)

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