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A right royal knees up

We have achieved the unenviable notoriety of being the sweariest gardeners on the allotment. Much to the chagrin of our neighbours, no bean cane erection, fruit bush netting or weed pulling task can be completed without a torrent of effing and jeffing spilling out from our foul mouths.

Our plot backs on to a rugby pitch and just last Saturday, the teams called a halt to their manly game of egg-ball to inform us that the language drifting from our allotment was upsetting the tight-head prop.

And if there’s one task that causes the most cusses, it’s the weekly bindweed pulling – in particular, the accidental kneeling on a stone whilst completing said chore. Fortunately for our delicate-eared gardening comrades, help has arrived in the shape of a pair of builder’s knee pads to protect our knees and stifle the swears.

Vastly superior than those cheapo foam kneeling mats you can get, the pads strap directly onto your kneecaps, allowing for superior freedom of movement – the gel filled innards offering comfy joint support and the hardy plastic shell will ensure no stones penetrate your patella.

Today, the wind wafting off our allotment a carried a sweeter sound – a sound not dissimilar to the clickety clack noise from a pair of castanets.
On getting closer, the sound was in fact Nick’s pad-clad knees, knocking together in excitement having spotted the first budding Kingston Black of the season.



Our kneepads were sent to us for review by Dickies.

Go get a pair, they are &%$¢#@# great.

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