Solar spotlight – an illuminating review

Solar spotlight directional beam

Already the days are getting shorter, yet the barbeque has barely seen any action. To make the darkness a little more appealing while poking the coals, we’ve been testing out a couple of solar spotlights from lighting experts The Solar Centre.

Rich’s cider shed may look like it was decorated in the dark after a lengthy cider tasting session, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate outdoor style, and we wouldn’t allow any old bulb-on-a-stick to illuminate our marigolds. Fortunately these sleek lamps fit the bill, looking classy while inactive during the day and even smarter when glowing at night.

We’ve got two types of spotlights brightening the garden. The Flexalite Solar Spotlight is a standalone light with a flexible pole and built in solar panel, allowing you to place it pretty much anywhere within the sun’s rays and twist to your preferred angle. Ours is casting its soft beam on one of the new apple trees – the dog has been caught pinching fruit before it’s even ripe so this will help us keep an eye on his thieving activities while tending to the sausages. And with a beam that burns for up to 10 hours on a full charge, it should keep them visible long after the embers have faded.

We also have a pair of Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights which are connected to a supplied solar panel by cables, allowing you to place them in a darker spot while the solar panel resides in sunlight. The cables have a lengthy 5m reach and can be rooted in the ground or fixed to a wall. They have a much brighter beam and a natty hood to prevent light displacing northwards when placed at a height. They’re currently secreted in the flower border, giving it an arty night appearance, but will make their way to the fence when I’ve finished using the screwdriver as a toasting skewer for the marshmallows.

With these beauties brightening our nights there’s no need to fear the shortening days and the barbeque season can rock on in earnest.

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Solar spotlights

Note: The Solar Centre sent us these lights to review. We said we would feature them only if we liked them and they worked.

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