Review: The Glo Bottle Top Light

Most messages that arrive in our mailbox can be sorted into one of three categories: Emails offering us credit card readers (sounds legit!), emails from foreign benefactors who simply require account details (sign me up!) Or occasionally, PR companies who want to send us stuff for review. Most of these emails are ushered towards folder marked ‘trash’, but our magpie eyes are often seduced by shiny items which we find hard to turn down. And this one here is particularly shiny. Because it’s a torch.

And not just any old torch. It’s a torch light that fits onto a standard 28mm thread – screw it on to a plastic bottle, prod the switch and it’ll shoot light through the liquid inside, turning your bottle of whatever into a splendid glowing lantern. It’s aimed at outdoor-loving, festival types, so it comes built with a clip that enables the ensemble to be hung from a tent roof or dangled seductively from your belt buckle, should you so wish.

Having tested the Glo Bottle on a variety of liquids plucked from the dark recesses of our brewing shed, we can report that it copes pretty poorly when attached to a bottle of sloe porter. No surprises there… our latest batch is so dark and viscous it actually EATS light like a black hole. However, attach it to a bottle containing carrot-tinted cider and it works a treat, bathing the surrounding area in a soft, orange glow. And if said cider just so happens to contain a few ‘floaters’, all the better – shake the bottle and ‘hey presto!’’, you’re now the proud owner of a splendid, budget lava lamp.

Now it’s important to note that this torch – as stated on the pack – produces ‘ambient light’. You can forget about romantic notions of striding atop rain-lashed Cornish cliffs, warding ships away from dangerous rocks. And to be honest, you’re going to struggle to read a Beano under under your duvet with it. But it does make a bottle of booze radiate rather fetchingly, and if that helps you locate that misplaced, late night cider whilst out on a camping trip, then more power to its tiny LEDs.

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