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A Seedy Business. Plantable cards from Le Jardin Perdu.

What kind of card would you receive, open, and then bury in the garden? A Christmas card from your estate agent? A ‘sorry I missed you’ card from the Wonga bailiffs? No? How about a self-fertilizing, seed impregnated greeting card that’ll sprout voluminous blooms when thrust in the earth? Oui Monsieur! Qui sonne très joyeux !

We got sent our seedy card from Le Jardin Perdu, a nice, proper gardening blog (unlike the daft, booze addled one you are currently reading) about the trials and tribulations of gardening in France – and it just so happens to have a rather fine gift section attached, featuring a whole host of organic gardening goodies available for purchase.

Our pick of the seedy gifts on offer is the aforementioned range of greetings cards. Each card is impregnated with a smattering of wildflower seeds which, when buried after use,* will spring to life, leaving a flowery legacy for pollinators to enjoy. Bees will barrel roll over the rotting remains of your birthday card – butterflies will cavort in the flowery footprint left by your papery paean.

The cards are available in a variety of jolly designs, covering all the usual card celebratory dates – birthdays, ‘thank yous’ etc. When ordered, they’ll arrive on your doorstep in the blink of a bee’s eyelid, wrapped resplendently in eco friendly packaging.

If you’re in the market for a handcrafted birthday card, bath bomb or seed-based gift, then look no further. We approve wholeheartedly of this eco-ncious endeavor – and so will your pollinator pals.

Visit Le Jardin here, for the finest French gardening tips and splendid crafty gifts.


Seed card flower inventory.

The seeds that lurk within the papery-confines of a La Jardin Perdu card.

Clarkia Elegans
Also know as ‘Farewell To Spring’. A showy, colourful flower that’ll last all summer. It’ll send bees bananas.

Rudbeckia Hirta
Also known as ‘Black-Eyed Susan’. Produces large, golden, daisy-like flowers.

Bellis Perennis
Also known as ‘Daisy’. Produces extremely daisy-like flowers. My lawn is covered in them. They are currently in a ‘who can spoil Richard’s lawn the fastest’ battle with moss, buttercups and next doors itinerant dog.

Lobularia Maritime
Also known as ‘Snowdrift’. A fragrant, drifting annual.

Linaria Maoraccana
Also known as ‘Toadflax’. Produces a jamboree of colorful flowers.

Also known as ‘Campion’. In Greek mythology, Silene is the feminine form of Silenus, the reckless companion of wine god Dionysus. Silenus was often so completely boozed-up, he had to be supported by satyrs or carried by a donkey. So says Wikipedia.

Also known as ‘Blue Thimble flower. Produces tiny allium-esqe flowers. Jolly good.



*How long should you keep greetings cards on display? Here’s a TTG guide to card display etiquette

  • Christmas cards: 1 week at a push.
  • Birthday cards: 1 week.
  • Get Well Soon cards: 1-2 weeks (depending on severity of illness)
  • Father’s Day cards: 1 month minimum.
  • Thank You cards: Not applicable




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