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Poppy bird feeder: raising money for the Royal British Legion

Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder

I like to think I’m generous in my gardening exploits. I grow things for the family and friends and deliver them in food and booze form. And I also like to share my hard work with the wildlife: A resident rat gobbles his way through the garden compost, helpfully turning it as he goes; insects feast on vegetable leaf and flesh without having to worry about ingesting any pest-killing poison; and I leave most of my post-blooming, post-harvesting flowers and veg in place through winter so birds can feast on seeds and hedgehogs can nest in the debris.*

I would like to see more birds in the garden. There are lots of sparrows, and the occasional sparrowhawk on a hunting mission. I also regularly see thrushes, blackbirds, robins, pigeons and the more common types of tit. Anything else is occasional and a cause for celebration. Having two dogs doesn’t help although, unlike Rich’s evil cat, they don’t really go in for attacking the birds.

To add to my chances of more avian visitors I’ve got a new bird feeder. It’s more a work of art than the dangling nut-baskets that sway in the bushes. And it’s helping raise money for a very worthy cause.

The Royal British Legion have been working with Gardman to create this rather special cast iron bird feeder. They’re hoping sales raise £200,000 for the charity, helping armed forces members and their families. They’ve asked gardening bloggers to spread the word and, of course, we were only too happy to oblige.

The feeder has been given a spot beneath my garden birds favourite tree and it’s already doing a great job of brightening up the place in an otherwise overgrown and decaying environment. It has been filled with seed mix and the birds are already taking note. When I can find my camera’s long lens and get some decent light you’ll see the evidence. Or get one yourself and send me some photos – particularly if you manage to attract something other than sparrows.

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Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder

*This is in no way a happy accident of gardening laziness.

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  • What you’re doing is really cool. I have a garden myself, but to be honest I am a bit afraid of birds. I would prefer them away, because of the corp and the fact that they will often demolish it all. Otherwise I love watching them, especially sparrows… I have a lot of them and they are fun to observe. 🙂

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