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Beer TUBE of the Week – The Best of British Beer Yard of Ale

Remember the frisson of excitement that you had as a child when receiving one of those giant tubes of Jelly Tots at Christmas? Well dial that excitement up TO THE MAX and grab yourself one of these ‘reimagined’ yards of ale* from our pals at Best of British Beer!
This 1 metre** cardboard tube comes stuffed with eight high quality cans of British booze, selected especially for summertime supping. Contents are subject to change, but ours contained the following boozes…


1 East London Brewing Company, Cowcatcher, 4.8%
Stuffed to the saddlebags with citrusy hops.
2 Allendale Brewery, Mosaic, 4.4%
Peachy and pale, bourn of the mosaic.
3 East London Brewing Company, Pale Ale, 4%
Crisp, delicate and subtly fruity – A mighty fine session-able booze.
4 Williams Brothers, Joker IPA, 5%
An understated, BBQ friendly thirst-quencher.
5 Tomos Watkin, Delilah, 4%
My, my, my. A light and tasty golden ale from Swansea, with love.
6 Williams Brothers, Caesar Augustus, 4%
All hail this lager/IPA mashup. Subtle hoppage and light malts ahoy.
7 Allendale Brewery, Vienna, 4.4%
A lush, piney New World lager. Mystic and soulful.
8 Tollgate Brewery, California Steam, 4.2%
From Ashby De La Zouch, via California. A crisp, refreshing, lager-style booze.

All in all, the perfect fathers day gift, we say. And when you’ve finished your beers, you’ve got a giant cardboard tube to blow down to annoy your kids/partner/pets. Waaaarrrrrrrrp!


Available from: Best of British Beer
Price: £20


* The yard of ale dates from the 17th century, where it was believed to have been a vessel favoured by stagecoach drivers from which to drink their booze. Yards of ale are often used in pubs by students/rugby clubs as a means of spilling their drinks down themselves as quickly as possible, thus avoiding the imbibing of said drink.

** Slightly shorter than a yard, if you want to get all pedantic.

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