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In pictures: Bath Ales new Hare Brewery

Bath ales brewery launch 2018

It’s not often that we get invited to a top beer event within sensible drinking distance of our houses, so when Bath Ales offered us the chance to join them for the opening of their new Hare Brewery in Warmley we jumped at the chance. Or, at least, Nick did. Rich had other things to do. But in his absence he did find time to supply the joke of the day which Nick told to mild chortles all round.

Before the curtain was pulled to reveal a specially commissioned hare statue that signified the brewery’s official opening Nick, along with a select group of journalists, had more serious work to do: visit a few of Bath Ales local pubs, drink a load of Bath Ales beers, munch through a vast tasting menu at Bath Ales Graze Bar (each served with a different beer), before drinking some more Bath Ales beers. That all happened on the evening before the launch, which itself was preceded by an exclusive brewery tour at the hands of Roger Ryman, brewing director of parent company St Austell, and an 11am sampling of more beer. Which was the cue for Rich’s joke: ‘time for a hair of the hare.’*

Here, then, are the launch photographs of the new Hare Brewery taken by a slightly hungover Thirsty Gardener…

Bath Ales viewing platform

The new Hare Brewery is designed to be tour-group friendly, with the tops of tanks appearing on an upper level next to a new tap room that allows easy access to visitors.

Bath Ales Fermenters and bottling lines

The serious action happens on the ground level within a vast open space of a former warehouse. 50,000 barrels per year are possible, producing 50% cask beers, 40% bottled beers and the rest keg. The brewing equipment was supplied by Musk of Burton-on-Trent, and Roger and his team “had a huge amount of input into the design of the brewhouse.” He also had an unusual ambition that he “didn’t want to see a flexible hose anywhere” and, judging by our snooping, he has very nearly achieved this.

Water purification for beer

As anyone who has made a home brew (or pot of tea) in Somerset knows, the water is extremely hard. This water treatment tanks helps transform the local limestone water into something more beer friendly.

Roger Ryman St Austell

Roger Ryman takes journalists around the new Hare Brewery (note beer writing legend, Roger Protz, in the background admiring the set-up)

beers gem and sulis lager

Beer labels for Bath Ales most popular brew, Gem, are ready to join bottles emerging from the Italian built bottling line, while excellent new lager Sulis is waiting to be poured in the tap room

Darren James Bath Ales St Austell

Bath Ales senior brewer Darren James enjoys one of his brewery’s beers in the new tap room

neon hare logo

*Other hare puns are available
Having a good hare day…
Have a pint and let your hare down…
That barrel will be hare today, gone tomorrow
A pint of that will make your hare stand on end…
A pristine brewery with not a hare out of place…
That beer will put hares on your chest…


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