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Cocktail recipe: Gin Espresso Martini

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We’ve been experimenting with combinations of booze and chocolate that work well together for another feature on this site and, as part of our thorough endeavours, wanted to suggest the perfect choc-friendly cocktail. Something that had chocolate liqueur as one of the ingredients would be the obvious choice, but with a few chunks of choc on the side that might be confection overkill, so we went with one of our favourite cocoa-compatible flavours instead: coffee.

There are numerous complicated coffee cocktails that have been conjured by folk eager for a swift hit of booze and caffeine in one mouthful, but we like to keep things simple and wanted a fuss-free recipe, so decided on a basic Espresso Martini.

This drink tends to be made with vodka as the main spirit, but as it’s such a simple mix of flavours it can also cope with the extra botanicals provided by a good London Dry Gin, so gin is what we used. Another common feature we jettisoned was the use of coffee beans as a garnish – for our Espresso Martini we topped the froth with grated chocolate, giving us a delicious last mouthful of boozy choc to enjoy.

Trained bartenders may scoff at our diversions from the norm, and they might also frown at our lazy division of the ingredients, but trust us, this cocktail works a treat. Especially if you have a chuck of chocolate on the side.

How to make a Gin Espresso Martini

1 part* gin
1 part coffee liqueur (for example Kahlua or Conker Coffee Liqueur)
1 part freshly brewed and chilled espresso
Grated dark chocolate

You’ll need to brew your espresso in advance of making this cocktail so it has time to cool down (stick it in the fridge and it won’t take long). When ready, tip it into a cocktail shaker** with the gin, coffee liqueur and a handful of ice. Shake as hard as you can for around 10 minutes – this will thoroughly mix the ingredients, allow the ice to rapidly cool the drink, and create that all important frothy topping. Strain*** into a chilled glass**** and top with grated dark chocolate.

chocolate coffee gin espresso martini

*40ml is a good starting point

**I couldn’t find mine so used a large jam jar instead

***Or pick out the ice with a teaspoon

****I never remember this bit, hence the lack of frostiness on the glass in the photos


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