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Introducing… The Great British SPUD OFF 2013

the great british spud off 2013

We’re on the hunt for Britain’s best homemade potato growing container. Are you up for the challenge?

Growing spuds is like magic. Stick one in the ground and, a few months later, dig it up to find it has multiplied. Easy. So easy in fact that you don’t even need a bit of ground – these days gardening catalogues are awash with ‘potato patio planters’ that enable you to grow your tatties anywhere.

But why fork out your hard earned cash when you can make one yourself?

This year we’re putting our own patio containers to the test and we want YOU to join us to see who can produce Britain’s* best. You just need to find something to recycle that can be turned into a container, chuck in some spuds and we’ll all marvel at the results. It could be anything from a bucket to a bin bag or a unique pot you’ve cobbled together out of old bits furniture.

“Count me in. What do I do next?”
In order for us to compare results, there are a few simple rules as follows…

1. Build container, plant UP TO FIVE spuds in it and send us a photo of your creation.

2. Include some basic growing info such as date planted, soil or compost used, any food feed applied and if you chitted them first.

3. When your spud bounty is ready send us a photo of your haul and tell us how many potatoes you produced and the overall weight of harvest.

“Sounds easy. Can I grow any potatoes I like?
For comparison purposes we’re asking that everyone grows the same spud – Pink Fir Apple. We’ve selected this tasty tuber because it’s widely available, well suited to container growing and is a little bit different to the regular potato. And don’t forget, NO MORE THAN FIVE potatoes in any one container.

“Right, I’m ready. What do I win?”
There are no prizes other than the honour and glory of being 2013’s Great British SPUD OFF Champ. We’ll post all entries on the website and keep everyone updated with regular blogs and tweets using the hashtag #spudoff.

If you’re interested in taking part then get in touch by using the form on our contacts page, or email

NOTE: The Two Thirsty Gardeners have yet to declare their containers of choice although rumours are circulating that one of their fermentation bins has gone missing…

*International entries are most welcome


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