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Meet the contenders… Spud Off 2014!

Spud Off 2014 Contenders

This year the rules have changed, but the competition looks to be fiercer than ever. One spud. One container. One summer of anxious waiting to see who will be crowned THE GREAT BRITISH SPUD OFF CHAMPION 2014!

NOTE: We’ll add new contenders to this post when their photos arrive. If you’re entering the competition and have yet to submit your snaps then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? You can also follow the latest action on twitter using the hashtag #spudoff

 Spud Off Sarpo Mira

Gordon Stewardson
Last year’s champ is hot off the blocks and is the first contender to pitch his spud into compost. His prize winning rubbish bin took a battering during it’s off-season use as , erm, a rubbish bin, but it has been trusted once again to lead him into battle. He’ll be growing blight resistant lab tatty, Sárpo Mira.
Container: Battered rubbish bin with compost and manure mix
Spud choice: Sárpo Mira

Potato planter arran pilot

Katie T
Next up is Spud Off debutant Katie who claims to have a few “secret tips” for potato perfection. The action will happen with a colourful Arran Pilot nestling inside a compost bag which resides in a square container salvaged from a skip. And such is her determination to win she’s doubled up with another spud-filled bag.
Container: Pot pilfered from a skip lined with a compost bag
Spud choice: Arran Pilot

Spud Off Pink Fir Stemster

Julieanne Porter
Spud lover Julieanne has doubled her chances of success with a twin entry (after a quick meeting of the rules committee we can officially allow this practice). She has opted for last year’s tuber of choice, the Pink Fir Apple, and “good all rounder” Stemster. Each have got their own bin. Julieanne has written more about her entries on her own blog.
Container #1: Standard rubbish bin with manure
Spud choice #1: Pink Fir Apple
Container #2: Standard rubbish bin with manure
Spud choice #2: Stemster

Spud Off Kerrs Pink

Thirsty Nick
Nick appears to be limiting his chances of success by constraining his spuds in a plant pot. It once produced a couple of bunches of pristine carrots, but surely there’s not enough room for a prize winning haul of spuds? Kerr’s Pink is the potato expected to perform miracles.
Container: Clay plant pot filled with farm manure
Spud choice: Kerr’s Pink

Spudoff Jersey Royal

Pete (The Idiot Gardener)
Pete, the brains behind website The Idiot Gardener, is trying to prove that England, and not Jersey, is the best place to grow Jersey Royals. He filched the bottom half of the family’s pedal bin (“my missus keeps saying we need a new one, and she was at work…”) and has layered it with horse manure and compost made from used brewing hops and grain. Beat that, Jersey-folk.
Container: Pedal bin filled with horse manure and home brew compost
Spud choice: Jersey Royal

Majestic potato

Thirsty Rich
Rich’s fear of frost is so great that he waited until mid May to sink his spud into growing matter. A large plastic bin has been called upon to host the action and he’s feeding his Majestic potato with “a random bag of muck found behind the shed”.
Container: Rubbish bin filled with unidentified muck
Spud choice: Majestic

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