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You say tomato, I also say tomato

Summer holibob season will soon be upon us, and for many this will mean joyful frolicking on distant sandy beaches. For others less fortunate, this may also mean family arguments in the back of hot cars and the serious prospect of shriveled plants and a jungle-ized, weed entombed allotment on return.

Painstaking springtime nurturing can be undone by a selfish week or two away, with plants either left at the mercy of scatterbrain neighbours or left to fend for themselves under searing summer skies. Fortunately for us, SwellUK stepped in to save the day and sent us a Hozelock Grow Bag Waterer.



It’s simple enough solution, but a rather effective one. Attach a grow bag onto the planter by impaling it upon the watering spikes that rise from the reservoir. Fit support canes (if need be) into the cane holders, then fill up the 15 litre reservoir with water.

We’ve decided to test out a few tomato varieties in our grow bag, but you can clearly plant what you like. The reservoir will keep your plants moist for up to 14 days, which gives you more than enough time for a nice, stressful holiday without having to worry about your prized tomatoes wilting whilst you are away.


Tomato plants grown

A reliable, heavy cropper, producing medium sized fruit. We’ll be using these to make tomato juice for our Bloody Mary recipe.

An early maturing variety, producing excellent quality fruit. Cheese and tomato sandwiches are their destiny.

A vigorous grower, and super-tasty to boot. These will be gobbled straight from the vine.

Which ruddy ball of flesh will be crowned champion tomato? Find out in a few weeks…

TOP TIP: We’ve placed pots of chives and marigolds around our tomato factory to stave off insect invasions.

Note: SwellUK contacted us to see if we would like to review one of their products. We said ‘yes please’ and asked them to send us this one. They kindly obliged.

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