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Clean up your garden and win over £600 of Karcher kit

Among our most sworn enemies, in the garden and on the allotment, are pigeons. They steal food quite clearly set out for the daintier birds; they trash all brassicas within pecking distance; they hoot and clack during the most quiet, restful moments; but, worse of all, they filth up the place with their gravity powered, quick setting waste. Garden furniture, sheds, paths, trees and the green bobble hat Rich accidentally left out for a whole weekend are all plastered in the stuff. So when our pals at Homebase asked if we would like to help them promote a twitter competition (below) by testing out a high powered pressure washer from cleaning equipment kings Karcher, we jumped at the chance.

Having owned a hand held Karcher for quite some time we know of their considerable cleaning qualities. But could this wheeled washer wipe away the ground-in stains of pigeon faeces? Of course it could.

The first blast of water from the gun attachment was so powerful that it caused a touch of recoil – a force more than a match for the crustiest piles of detritus. And a quick volley of wet jets aimed at slimy green guttering and muddy brickwork soon had them spick and span. Detaching the gun we next fired up the T-Racer – a surface washer with tough bristles circling a spinning water jet, designed to sweep up concrete, wood and bricks. We gently pushed this up the path, immediately disposing of the avian waste and, with a few more runs, even lifted off the decades-old moss, returning the surface to its original colour of concrete grey.

In no time at all we have clean sheds, spotless furniture ready for a new coat of varnish and a path you could eat your dinner off. And as for Rich’s bobble hat? Ah… let’s forget about Rich’s bobble hat…

With the pigeons doings dealt with, and a few more specialist attachments available, we can now turn our attention to cleaning the garden tools, wheelbarrow, conservatory, car, house and anything else outside that’s looking a bit grubby. Think we’ll be ‘testing’ this Karcher for a little while longer…

WIN Karcher products worth over £600!

Does something in your home or neighbourhood need a Karcher? Snap and share pictures of what you think could do with a seriously good clean – the dirtier the better! (E.g. muddy cars, garages, dirty mirrors or even a stained cooker.)

Enter our competition today and you could WIN an almighty BUNDLE worth over £600 which includes a Karcher K5 Premium Eco Home Pressure WasherHose TrolleyWV2 Premium Window Vac and SC1 Steam Cleaner. Prizes are also available for runners-up as follows:

2nd prize – Karcher K4 Compact Pressure Washer

3rd prize – Karcher K2 Premium Home and Car Pressure Washer

How to enter:

  • Step 1 – Snap a photo (or simply share this page via Twitter using the hashtag below)
  • Step 2 – Share through your social media accounts (Twitter / Instagram only), including the hashtag #Ineedakarcher @Homebase_UK
  • Step 3 – That’s it, find your photograph in our gallery below!

Competition closing date is: 31 May 2015

Karcher Garden

As mentioned above, this Karcher was supplied to us by Homesbase to help promote their competition

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