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A bloomin’ marvellous allotment quiz

FLower quiz

The sun is shining and the allotment is in flower, promising a host of future harvestables. But can you name which plants these ten flowers belong to? Leave your guesses in the comments boxes and we’ll post the answers next week.

Potato flower1. The colours of a fried egg – something this veg will get dipped in

Courgette flower

2. It’s big and yellow and might just get stuffed

Pea Flower

3. A veg plot staple

Borage Flower

4. Bees love this blue bloom

Alpine Strawberry Flower

5. We want the specific type of this plant please

Borad Bean Flower

6. Aphids not pictured

Rocket Flower

7. It starts to get trickier from here on in…

Sorrel Flower

8. Looks like this is going to self seed all over the place

Asparagus Pea Flower

9. This vibrant flower is making its debut on our plot

Oca Flower

10. Honestly, this belongs to a vegetable plant



  • I loved this quiz! Suitably distracted for ages. Here is my lame attempt…
    1. Potato
    2. Courgette / Squash
    3. Pea
    4. Borage
    5. Strawberry (…?)
    6. Broad bean
    7. Salad Rocket
    8. Sorrel
    9. Asparagus Pea
    10. Nasturtium ? (I am stuck!)

    Eleanor, Pretty Delicious

    • Wow! That’s a superb effort – nothing lame at all. Nine out of ten. Number 5 is specifically an alpine strawberry but I’m not sure anyone would work that out. Just number 10 to get…

  • This is a brilliant post, I’ve been thinking on this for a couple of days now.

    Number 10 has me totally stuck, can we have a clue please.

    Is it part of the cucurbits or Solanceae family?

    Matt, The Natural Veg Men

    • It’s a very tricky one as it’s quite an unusual veg in the UK. Clue? The leaves are deliberately out of focus because you might recognise them from another photo in one of our blog posts…

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