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Our 2014 bloomin’ marvellous flower quiz

Allotment quiz flower

It’s back! By popular demand! Our bloomin’ marvellous flower quiz, 2014 edition. We’ve been roaming around the garden snapping any fruit, veg or herb that has come in to flower. All you need to do is identify them. Leave your best guesses in the comments before we reveal the answers. Good luck!

Allotment quiz

1. Hopefully your greenhouse or garden will be bursting with these yellow blooms


Allotment quiz

2. This riotous red sight should be familiar to most allotmenteers


Allotment quiz3. What plant displays this unusual petal formation?


Allotment quiz

4. More tiny white flowers – but what do they belong to?


Allotment quiz

5. What do you reckon this star shaped flower head will turn in to?


Allotment quiz

6. The difficulty level is starting to warm up… what’s this?


Allotment quiz

7. What are these delicate white petals easing out from their pink tinged buds?


Allotment quiz8. A bright dash of yellow. But what is it?


Allotment quiz9. We’ll be in awe of anyone who can identify the exact variety of this pink flower.


Allotment quiz

10. And finally another yellow bloom to complete the quiz.


Let us have your best guesses in the comments box below…




  • 1. tomato
    2. runner bean
    3. coriander
    4. parsley
    5. raspberry
    6. capsicum: pepper or chilli
    7. oregano?
    8. cucumber or melon
    9. french bean ?dragon tongue
    10. ?mustard

    • That is a tremendous effort! A few incorrect, although they’re so close that your answers may well look the same. I’ll reveal the full list soon…

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