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Cook up a feast this St Patrick’s day with Hop House 13

St Patrick’s Day is always a great excuse for having a booze or two, but thanks to COVID and the accompanying lockdown restrictions, this year’s celebrations have been curtailed somewhat. The prospect of a shenanigan-free March 17th has hit Rich particularly hard, having recently unearthed a distant ancestral link that travelled from Dublin, down through Liverpool and finally settling in the promised land of Hinckley. In fact, since his free Christmas trial of Ancestry expired, he’s been getting all dewy-eyed over thoughts of the auld country whilst wistfully crooning The Fields of Athenry, so you can imagine the little leprechaun jig of glee he did when this box of Irish treats landed on his doorstep.

Our pals at Guinness have teamed up with three of Dublin’s top chefs to create the ultimate Irish feast for St. Patrick’s Day. The Hop House 13 ‘Dublin Born & Brewed’ meal kit contains all the gubbins you need to create three fine Irish dishes, which are paired with a sharing pack of Guinness’ Hop House 13 lager.

Each box contains the ingredients to make:

Dublin scampi and chips
Recipe by Anna Haugh – Myrtle, London

Fried black pudding burger, crispy shallots, alioli and spicy pickles
Created by Patrick Powell – Allegra, London

Crispy fried crubeen* bun
Recipe by Nick Fitzgerald – Tacos Padre, London

4x cans of Hop House 13 lager

Unfortunately, Rich was in a bit of a hungry rush (bordering on hangry) during meal assembly, so the dishes he made looked like chef had thrown them on the floor before sending out to service. For this reason, press shots have been used to illustrate this feature to cover up the cack-handed cooking, but despite the unintentional culinary sabotage that occurred, all three courses tasted magnificent, with Hop House 13 lager being the four pots of gold at the end of a rather tasty rainbow.

The Hop House 13 ‘Dublin Born & Brewed’ meal kit is priced at £65, with a 20% donation of all sales going to Hospitality Action. To order, visit popup.bignight.app


*Thought at first this was a vegetarian option. Googled it. Couldn’t have been more wrong.

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