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When we had more time on our hands, we set up this page to offer a range of free resources to help make your veg growing and home brewing activities more fun, more straightforward and lazier.

Over time we steadily produced these professionally designed drinks label templates. Simply download the PDF, add your own name and date to the document and print off for colourful liveries to enhance your bottled beverages. We had full intention of updating this page regularly, creating a vast library of useful resources, but things like writing a booze recipe book got in the way so the pace of new labels slowed. Keep checking because, from time to time, we may just put another freebie up on the site.

Our FREE cut-out-and-keep label templates

• Ale label. Download here
• Apple wine label. Download here
• Beetroot wine label. Download here
• Blackberry brandy label.
Download here
• Blackberry wine label. Download here
• Cider label. Download here
• Creme de menthe label.
Download here
• Creme de cassis label.
Download here
• Damson gin label.
Download here
• Elderberry wine label.
Download here
• Elderflower wine label. Download here
• Horseradish vodka label.
Download here
• Parsnip wine label.
Download here
• Plum wine label.
Download here
• Raspberry vodka label. Download here
Rhubarb gin label. Download here
• Rhubarb wine label. 
Download here
• Sloe gin label. Download here


  • Hello
    Is it possible you could do a version with a user selected wine variety section as well as the name and year? I have “Near green apples and raspberry wine” needing labels, and “Far apples and raspberry wine” is not far off now.



    • Hi Ruth
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – been a little snowed under with the book sales.
      I’ll have to have a think about that might work. We wouldn’t be able to do it with the current template without it looking messy (and we don’t like messy labels) so it would mean coming up with an alternative idea.

  • Would it be possible to put Apple Fizz on a label instead of apple wine. need it for a year 6 leaving lunch by Friday.
    cheers Jacqui

  • Hi Rich and Nick, loving the site!

    The labels are a fantastic idea, a really nice fresh design and thanks to you both for sharing them.

    I have a request. We regularly ‘use up’ our glut of blackcurrants, gooseberries, blackberries and rhubarb to make fruit gins, vodkas and liqueurs, depending on what booze we have hanging about in the store cupboard. It would be brilliant if you could also make the alcohol description word beneath the fruit editable as well, this will also save you producing lots of different label templates for your site for a particular fruit beverage.

    Many thanks, Deb x

    • Thanks Deb
      That’s a good idea. We’re a bit too busy with other things to work on new labels for a while, but when we get back on it we’ll definitely look at making more of the areas editable.
      How does your gooseberry gin / liqueur turn out? I’ve not yet had a big enough haul to experiment.

      • The gooseberry was only bottled up recently, so will need time to ‘mature’ but I will let you know. Maybe I can send you a sample to try when it’s ready?

        • Wow, that would be amazing – although I wouldn’t want to deplete your stocks.
          Perhaps we could run a review of it on the site and / or share your recipe with our readers?

  • lovely informative site and i just downloaded the blackberry brandy label thanks, i normally use the blackberry pulp i strain off and make blackberry and apple jam that has the hint of brandy !!! very popular with my neighbours hopefully may find a label for that aswell

  • Is it possible to make a label for your Fruit Tin Fizz, with the possibility to insert the fruit you use?
    I will be having a go at making this tonight

    • I’ll have to have a look at that for you! Have been a bit too busy for labels lately so no promises, but if I get time I’ll see what I can do. Have fun with the fruit tin fizz and let us know how it turns out…

    • Apologies to everyone asking for new labels. We’ve had problems with the original template and have been too snowed under with other things to fix it all. We’ll try to clear the decks and get back up and running with them in the new year…

  • Many thanks for your labels – I just wondered if you have any tips for sticking plain paper labels to the bottle? I’ve read that whole milk works, but wanted to see if there are other solutions……

    • I have not heard about the milk trick and have no nifty solutions other than glue.
      Let us know if you find something that works.

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