The Veg Plot

Strawberry whine

We’ve been growing strawberries on part of our plot with a view to making some strawberry wine. Admittedly we would need a couple of kilos but our plan was to throw a few makeweight raspberries into the mix. Being a bit cavalier about netting them over, (ie we haven’t got round to it) we found that the birds have had a bit of a go at them, and on closer inspection it would appear they were attacked by BIRDS WITH TEETH!

Nick pointed out that it was probably mice, which begs the question; How do you stop mice raiding your strawberries? Netting and caging the plants are fine ways of deterring winged pests, but what about gnawing and burrowing mice?

We came up with a few ideas…a very small ‘keep off the fruit’ sign; a mouse moat; patrol cats, all of these just plain silly, so we ask again…

How DO you stop mice raiding your strawberries?

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