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Product review: Brother GL-H105 Professional Garden Labeller

Predominately marketed at horticulturists with a regimental penchant for order, this handheld printer boasts a host of printing features through which the operator can produce clear, professional looking stickers for the labeling of potted plants, seed trays and the like. It sports a decent selection of presets, ornate templates and a comprehensive array of text formatting options, all of which print out on weatherproof, self adhesive tape.

The unit is surprisingly hefty and is not going to win any style prizes with its Fisher Price ‘My First Blackberry’ vibe, but it matters not – it’s all about the labels, and in this respect, it excels.


We chose to ignore festooning our various, anonymous seed trays and instead set the printer to work on some bottle labels for our burgeoning booze collection. Our current, crude ‘selotape and post-it note’ arrangements have a habit of peeling of in the damp recesses of the brewing shed, but so far, the stickers sired from the Brother have stayed the course, clinging to the bottles like possessive limpets.

We are impressed – the ease of which stickers can be created (you can save up to 9 editable templates) combined with the multitude of stylistic options make this printer an attractive proposition for the sticker obsessive. It’s a clearly labelled thumbs-up from us.





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No cats were harmed in the writing of this review.

Note: we were contacted by Brother who sent the product for review

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