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Got me on mint and alcohol… experimentations in mint wine

easy mint wine recipe

Buoyed by the success of our crème de menthe* I have decided that the combination of mint and alcohol deserves further exploration. So I’ve decided to start fermenting some mint wine. I’ve never made, tasted or even seen mint wine before, but the internet contains several positive recommendations of the stuff with barely a dissenting voice among them. Some folk suggest avoiding the stronger varieties of mint, but I suspect this is their personal hunch and would be surprised if anyone has run any tests to back this up. I’ve got an abundance of apple mint and a bit of ginger mint growing, so they’ll be what I’m using.

In the absence of any guaranteed tried-and-tested recipes I’ll be making one up. My aim is a light wine with a not-too-overpowering hint of mint. Crisp and dry to be served extra cold in summer. Sounds good, huh? We’ll probably be waiting a year to find out…

*I had a sneaky taste of our home made crème de menthe and it’s surprisingly good. It’s so easy to make that we highly recommend making your own – check out our recipe here.

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