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Top five…apples for cider making

Yarlington Mill.
The prominent apple in our blend. Good cropping, nice flavour.
Will festoon your cider shed with a lovely aroma.



Kingston Black
Oft referred to as the ultimate cider apple because of the juice it produces, which is acidically well balanced and tannin rich .
It’s a pity the trees are prone to canker.



Chisel Jersey
Another thirsty gardener favourite. These little beauties are often rock hard and covered in scab. We were once told by an old cider-maker that the apple got it’s name from ‘chesil’, an old english name for ‘stone’. A quick search on t’ internet tells us that he may have been lying.



Harry Masters’ Jersey
Not to be confused with Harry Ramsden’s Jersey, which probably REEKS of fishy batter.
A nice looking apple which excretes splendidly astringent juice when squeezed. Often quite large, so will fill up your apple sack quicker.



Morgan Sweet
Once the Bristolians eating apple of choice but now rather hard to come by, this large yellow fruity beast is delicious eaten straight from the tree. It’s also a great addition to a cider blend as its juice ferments super quick. An ideal single variety cider apple for the less patient.




*A note about cider apple varieties.
Cider apples can be grouped into four taste categories; sharp, sweet, bittersweet, bittersharp.
Train your tastebuds to recognise these characteristics:

  • Suck on a lemon…that’s sharp.
  • Suck on a stick of rock…that’s sweet.
  • Suck on a sugary teabag**…that’s bittersweet
  • Suck on a teabag with a slice of lemon on top….that’s bittersharp. And weird.
** Make sure it’s a cold one… we don’t want to be responsible for singed lips.



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