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Give us more marrow fat, please

marrow seedling

We’ll be honest. Last year’s marrows weren’t quite as fat as we had hoped. They started off well but the rotten weather checked their progress and growth stalled. Rich was still able to turn the harvest into pirate rum but the paltry amount produced would struggle to get Benjamin Hornigold* tipsy.

This year we’re trying again with a different variety – ‘long green trailing’ – a marrow promising so much length that seed the packet warns in bold lettering “needs a lot of space“.

Seeds were sown in pots on the windowsill and have just burst through the potting compost. They already look like little monsters. We’ll start hardening them off when they’re too big to be kept indoors and the best looking plant will get a squash pit all to itself. Then Rich can have a right rum do…

Seeds sown: Marrow long green trailing, Kings Seeds

*Benjamin Hornigold was an 18th century pirate who would often board ships just to steal their rum. On one occasion his band of pirates took over a merchant ship in Honduras and stole nothing more than their hats – to replace the ones they lost through drunkenness the night before.

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