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Plant wars: garlic vs garlic

Germidour Thermidrome Cristo

Last year Rich accused my garlic of looking like “sparrows knees“. Slightly harsh, but they were on the small scale after succumbing early to rust. So this time round I covered all bases and grew three soft neck varieties – thermidrome, germidour and cristo – and gave them identical attention. Here’s the verdict…

Round 1. Growing
Thermidrome: Thick, straight and true. Looked like show garlic from the off.
Germidour: The first to emerge, cutting a dash not much less impressive than the thermidrome.
Cristo: Thinner than its two stalky chums.
Round 1 winner: Thermidrome

Round 2. Disease
Thermidrome: Its mighty girth fought off all prey and it looked handsome up until harvest.
Germidour: Struck by rust but, fortunately, close to harvest time. First out by two weeks.
Cristo: Barely touched by the rusty stuff.
Round 2 winner: Thermidrome & Cristo

Round 3. Size
Thermidrome: A mixed bag. Some threatened elephant garlic for size, others were merely average.
Germidour: Consistently large bulbous beauties.
Cristo: Disappointingly small, though most swelled beyond sparrow-knee status.
Round 3 winner: Germidour

Round 4. Looks
Thermidrome: Generally white with whisps of cream or purple.
Germidour: A glorious purple and white beast that would make a Frenchman weak at the knees.
Cristo: Pure and white.
Round 4 winner: Germidour

Round 5. Garlickyness
Thermidrome: Good all round garlic pungency.
Germidour: A gentler, kinder garlic flavour.
Cristo: A smell and taste so potent it should carry a warning.
Round 5 winner: Cristo

And the winner is…
…by a soft neck the prize goes to germidour

Garlic grown: thermidrome, germidour and cristo, all Taylors bulbs

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