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Hot buttered cider: an easy winter recipe

Buttered Cider Recipe

We love a drop of mulled wine during winter festivities, but there’s another traditional hot, spicy drink that includes an additional warming element: a layer of fat. Hot buttered cider is one of our favourite winter tipples – quick and easy to make it’s like a boozy blanket for your insides. Here’s our recipe.

Our hot buttered cider recipe

For every standard 500ml bottle of cider (proper cider, please) you’ll need around 30g butter which needs slowly heating in a pan until it starts to melt. To this add the cider, around 100ml rum (of any hue) a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and, if you can be bothered, the juice from half an orange. Steadily heat the liquid, stirring in the butter, until it’s piping hot. You’ll probably want to sweeten it before serving – we reckon around 4 teaspoons of brown sugar provides the optimum sweetness – and for an extra festive touch grate a little nutmeg into each mug.

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