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Review: Camminare boots

Camminare Polish Boots

Recently we’ve had a few boot manufacturers treading a path to our shed door in the hope that we’ll review their wares. As we explain to anyone looking to promote a product on our site, we’ll give it some coverage if we think it’s good enough for our readers.

The most recent item of footwear came from Camminare, a Polish manufacturer now distributing in the UK. At first, we weren’t too hopeful. The boots appeared to be made of a stiff, moulded material and despite being short, looked large and clumsy. But we were in for a surprise. The boots are remarkably light and deceptively soft, comfortably flexing at whatever angle the ankle takes them. There’s even a natty sticky out moulded bit at the back which, with a mere flick of the other boot, allows the foot to be effortlessly released.

They’re sturdy enough for a garden stomp and suitably waterproof, but the boot’s best bit comes on the inside. The felt lining, with fashionable corduroy trim, is detachable. Ease it on like a sock, insert into boot and not only will you be snug right down to the toes, you’ll also be able to walk without slippy sock syndrome (even in the pair I have, which are slightly too large for my feet).

For a relatively inexpensive, basic boot, these are mightily impressive.

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Camminare Moulded Boots

Note: one of camminare’s UK people contacted our people to see if we wanted to review a pair of boots and sent the pair that we tested

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