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Gilet, the best a man can get

It can get quite parky in the evenings round these parts, especially on evening sojourns to our lofty allotment when the sun has finally snuck behind the nettle patch. So to shield our old bones from the mean winds that whip down through the Bristol Channel, we’ve picked up a Dickies Moreland Gilet in all its quilted glory. This versatile jacket will also be handy come Autumn, when an armless garment such as this will afford us a bit of movement when we’re flailing around with a damp spade or reaching up to pluck succulent apples from a bowing branch.

Now we’re not exactly renowned for our sartorial flair*, so we’ve enlisted help from our fashion blogger pal Rampboy to give us his ‘verdict’.

Over to you, Rampboy…
Note to reader: Translations into English are available on request.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m no gardenista. And as for percolating your own booze at home? I mean, you know you can buy it ready made at Tescos? Truthfully, I know little of the key tenants of this site. But menswear I know.

From a horticulturalists perspective, this Dickies gilet is straight fire. I mean, I’m gonna assume that rocking the dope fits while fondling mulch is probably not everyone’s priority. But maybe it should be. Kick this quilted bad boy down the allotment and watch as your fellow soil botherer’s green fingers turn to green eyes. Yes brah. This stylistic perennial will get rival seedsmen envious, and gardenerettes germinating.

Action press stud opening for quick trowel access (assuming you shoulder holster your trowel like me), a pair of capacious front pockets ideal for your personal loam stash, modest Dickies branding and a pop-collar for protecting against ant and moth attack – seriously what more do you want?

Bang this thing over a dress shirt, throttle on a kitted tie and belt in some slim chinos, and you’re off to the Garden Guild Annual Dinner Dance. You may not win first prize for your marrow (marrows are a thing right?) but you’ll take home the rosette for style. Just don’t actually wear the rosette. Rosettes are so last season.


Stephen Pierce writes about menswear in a similarly under-informed way over at

*On a winter trip to Copenhagen many moons ago, Nick insisted on wearing a bright red fleecy hat – at all times. Admittedly it was very cold (the sea had frozen over), but not that cold as to be at the expense of all dignity.
The Danes had a nickname for him, which roughly translated as as ‘The Walking Swan Vesta’.
For this reason, we can never return to Denmark.

Note: Dickies sent us this item of clothing for review purposes

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