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Brew It Yourself – On Sale NOW!

Some eagle-eyed readers of our blog may have noticed the disappearance of certain booze recipes from its pages over the past couple of years.

No need to be alarmed, nobody died* from imbibing one of our dodgy brews – their removal was in fact a contractual requirement put in place by a kindly publishing house who approached us with a desire to produce a drinks recipe book.

“We want 176 pages, packed full of ace booze recipes, tips and advice.” They barked.

“And don’t forget the photographs. We want loads of great photographs”

“Sure! No problem!” We replied, our eyes welling with tears.

What seemed a ‘good idea’ and a ‘great laugh’ at the start, soon descended into frenzied deadline hell, involving crying, gnashing of teeth, wailing, angry pounding of fists (and a bit more crying for good measure). This continued for many months, but we’re glad to say it all turned out fine in the end. In fact, more than fine. We’re really quite proud of what we produced.

So if you happen to stumble across one in a bookshop, please pick it up. Maybe take time to thumb through the luxurious pages, gasping at the quality photos and delicious recipes. But most of all, we would like you to take one to the counter and purchase a copy. Maybe two – just in case you spoil one by salivating all over it.

You can even buy it online – here’s a link to a popular online retailer who would be more than happy to take your money.**


At this point, we should probably say thanks to all the people involved.

But we won’t.

If you buy a copy, it’s all on page 176.







*Not that we know of.

** Don’t forget to leave a nice 5-star review.

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