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We’re growing spuds in a massive sack…

Vine Rituals Sack for Potatoes

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a massive deal to become ‘Official Potato Correspondents’ for Vine Rituals Garden Bags. Last month Vine Rituals founder Shirley asked if we could promote her sacks on our website and a quick scan of her business revealed that not only do the sacks look great for carting around garden waste, but they would also make a superb container for spud growing.

Shirley had yet to put them to the spud test so we asked if she would like us to be her Official Potato Correspondents and see how they performed to the task. “Yes” she said “I’ll send you a sack” – and thus the deal was struck.

The sacks are made of a tough fabric that is waterproof and tear resistant, has handles stitched into the top and bottom for ease of transportation, and they provides a whopping 272 litre capacity. We know about container growing from our days organising the great British Spud Off and are certain the bag will be excellent. 

To give our tatties some drainage we cut a few holes in the base of the sack, filled it to around a third with home made compost and added six seed potatoes (Maris Piper) before covering with another layer of compost. As the leaves emerge we’ll cover them with more compost until they’re about a third of the way from the top when we’ll simply let them get on with it.

They’ll be watered well throughout the season (compost can dry out quickly in a container) and reckon we’ll be harvesting our bounty in around 15 weeks. And we fully expect that bounty to be massive.

Vine Rituals Sack
This Vine Rituals sack contains compost and six seed potatoes. It will soon have dense potato leaves frothing from its wide rim.

Save up to 20% off Vine Rituals garden bags!

As part of the deal we struck with Shirley she has set up a discount offer for our readers which can save you between 10% and 20% on the price of her bags. To find out more you need to follow this link.

Wether you use them, like us, for spud growing, or like most people for hauling around garden stuff, is entirely up to you but, as Official Potato Correspondents, we feel this a deal very well done.

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  • Nick, thank you for putting our sacks to the Potato test. We are glad they did not disappoint and are excited to follow the journey of the wee spuds. We look forward to frequent updates from said spud nursery!

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