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Like melons for mice

Mouse melons mexican sour gherkin seedlings

We’re happy to give up allotment space to unusual, experimental vegetables. So if you can find us perfectly spherical spuds, celery that tastes like pork scratchings, or Mexican gherkins that look like melons for mice then we’ll give them ago.

The above picture is of mouse melon seedlings. Otherwise known as cucamelons or Mexican sour gherkins. Their fruits resemble melons, but mouse sized. I sowed them in early May and they’ve taken ages to grow. They still look too delicate to go outside, but I can’t find much information about what to do with them next. In fact they seemed so vulnerable that they even went on holiday with me rather than be left with Rich to care for. He’s got a cat, after all. And kids.

If anyone has any experience of growing mouse melons, then please leave a comment below.

Seeds sown: Mexican Gherkins, Suttons Seeds

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