The Veg Plot

Thou shell not pass. Slug vs egg

Egg shells protecting courgette from slugs

A few weeks ago I visited my mum for Sunday dinner. In the oven she was roasting a tray of egg shells. I was hoping for beef.

Fortunately the beef was resting and the shells were simply drying out to be crumbled and scattered around tender plants as a slug deterrent. It seems they don’t like dragging their slimy bodies over the spiky fragments of shell.

After a few weeks of scrambled eggs for breakfast I had collected enough dried out shells to sprinkle around a young, vulnerable courgette. A few days into the experiment and the leaves are still intact. Meanwhile, one of Rich’s neighbouring pumpkins has had it’s main artery severed with a guilty trail leading to a slug. It may be coincidence so we’ll monitor the situation and report back.

Do you know of any natural deterrents for slugs and other enemies? Leave a comment below and we’ll put it to the test.


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