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Try a new cocktail for National Rum Day: Gosling’s South Shore recipe

Did you know that August 16 has been designated ‘National Rum Day’? Write down all such ‘days’ in your diary and you won’t be left with much room to add meetings, holidays and football fixtures. We ignore most of these days but one of the handful worth noting is Rum Day. The reason? It’s a good excuse to try out a new rum cocktail recipe – because in the height of summer, few cocktails are better than those loaded with rum.

In the Rum Day run up we’ve been sent several recipes to try from rum brands eager to get us mixing and shaking their products. The one we’ve selected – South Shore – comes from one of the most popular rum makers, Goslings. This Bermudan brand is most well known for Black Seal, an essential component in the rum and ginger combo that is a Dark n Stormy.

For the South Shore recipe you’ll need Black Seal’s brighter label mate, Gosling’s Gold Seal Rum. It’s made from independent aged rums that are blended in Bermuda and was launched back in 2016. To accompany its golden glow you’ll discover a caramel sweetness, layers of spice and vanilla, and a smooth, warming finish.

How to make a South Shore cocktail

The South Shore cocktail is another rum and ginger combination with a bright golden sunny summer vibe to it and is ideal for sipping on the beach (we’re landlocked, so instead we’ll be sipping ours on the garden bench with feet dangling in the kids inflatable pool). 


60ml Goslings Gold Seal Rum
120ml lemonade
60ml ginger beer*
Fresh mint


Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour in the Gold Seal Rum, lemonade and ginger beer. Grab a few mint leaves and give them a squeeze and a scrunch to release the aroma and flavour their oils. Drop the mint into the glass and stir. If you fancy a final flourish of garnish then add another less abused spring of mint and a slice of lemon. Take outside into the sunshine and enjoy.

Goslings Gold Seal Rum is available here

*Goslings make ginger beer too, so snaffle some of theirs for maximum authenticity

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