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Digging and swigging through the World Cup

World Cup Football

The World Cup is upon us, and as we’re never shy to jump on a bandwagon, we’re planning some exciting events throughout the tournament to share with you.
We see this page as a kind of Panini sticker album* …a  place where we will regularly return to, updating it as we go, (like a sticker album) adding new posts (stickers), swapping recipes (stickers, again) and posting other fun stuff (stickers?) for you to feast your eyes.

But what, we hear you ask, has a much hyped football tournament in Brazil got to do with the digging and swigging adventures normally associated with this website? Eh? EH?

It’s a question we asked ourselves as we tried to come up with ways to shoehorn our favourite sporting event into this website. But we have answers. Plenty of them.

Some of the many highlights you can expect are:

Booze recipes representing all of the countries in the tournament*

Live drinks tastings during games. This might get messi. (boom boom!)

• Score predictions before matches. Join us.

Exclusive features from tournament dark horses, Belgium, the world’s best beer destination

Top tips on how to create a football friendly garden

• Plus plenty of astonishing surveys, awesome jokes, pointless lists and other nonsense we haven’t even thought about yet

And, what’s more, we want you to get involved. Here’s how…

Follow us on twitter @ThirstyGardener to take part, then tag your posts #thirstyfusbol

• Keep an eye on our rolling World Cup blog on this website

Plus, you can send us stuff:

If you’ve got a product, event or promotion tenuously linked to the tournament then get in touch via the contacts page and we’ll see if we can give you a mention

It’s time to shun the allotment for the next few weeks. Grab some booze and lay down your spades, it’s going to be…. Brazilliant!!!!!!!***


* Math wizards have calculated the average cost of completing this years’ sticker album at £450. FACT.

*OK, some of them. We’re struggling with Cameroon

*** Sorry.

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16 June

Drink the world (cup)

Giddy with World Cup fever, we samba-ed over to our local booze emporium and acquired a bottle of cachaca (Brazilian white rum) with a desire to create some foxy latino cocktails. As every other Sunday supplement under the sun has covered the making of a caipirinha, our aim was to perform a Neymar-esque body swerve and make instead the awesomely monikered ‘friendly cashew’ cocktail. Having half read the recipe, we went out and bought some vastly overpriced cashew nuts only to find the recipe demands the fruit, not the nuts. Idiots.
But not to worry!* The caipirinha is a mighty fine drink, worthy of its place in our ‘World Cup o’ Booze, pretend sticker album. Try it yourself, using the marvellous recipe, below.

The second booze sticker is in honour of the Germans, who at the time of writing have just humped Portugal 4-0 and in doing so, made Cristiano Ronaldo cry. Great! It details one of our all-time favorite German boozes, the Andechs dopplebok. We urge you to seek it out, at all costs.

*insert here the sound of a car reversing at high speed.

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