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Beer of the week #35: Sadler’s Boris Citrov

Sadlers Boris Citrov Label

A while ago we were alerted to the news that supermarket chain Aldi have been selling a beer for £1.25 that has seen beer loving folk flocking to stores and piling their baskets high with the stuff. The beer is called ‘Boris Citrov’, is brewed by Sadler’s, and is said to use a combination of hops that give it the taste of marmalade. Which is enhanced by actual marmalade. Apparently. We decided to investigate the hype and got hold of a couple of bottles ourselves.

Rather than ramble on about the beer in our usual way we decided to shake up the review template a little and drank the beer simultaneously, from our own homes, whilst watching the most recent edition of Gardeners World on iPlayer.

Admittedly, this hair-brained, booze-fuelled idea may have played out better in our heads than it does below, but we’ve done it now. And drank the beer. So please forgive us.

Views were exchanged by text and below is the full unedited, annotated transcript. Nick in blue; Rich in grey.

Sadlers Boris Citrov Review

1. Rich recently reviewed a load of tools for the iPaper. He has become a tool bore.

2. Tigerella.

3. Cut to shot of grapes smothered in wasps.

4. He didn’t. Thai basil.

5. Our book ‘Brew it Yourself‘ is about making booze from home grown stuff; James Wong’s book ‘Flavour‘ is about growing veg for the best flavour.

6. ‘Brown Turkey’ is the variety of Monty’s fig.

This beer was supplied by Aldi

The lowdown
Brewery: Sadler’s, Stourbridge, West Midlands
Beer name: Boris Citrov
Strength: 4.7%
Hops used: Amarillo, chinook and first gold

Sadlers Boris Citrov Aldi

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