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It’s the Ryder Cup Drinking Game!

Mikkeller M&S

Rejoice! Posh retailer Marks & Spencer has added some exclusive beer imports to its already impressive range. This is especially good news for Nick because M&S is his closest supermarket meaning minimal walking for maximum beer pleasure.

This new range includes the likes of American outfits Ska Brewing, Six Points and Hardywood, Norway’s Aegir and Amundsen Bryggeri, along with four beers from one of our favourite ever breweries, Danish experimenters Mikeller.

Rejoice again! It’s Ryder Cup weekend. One of the greatest sporting occasions pits Europe’s golfing elite against America’s finest club swingers and we’ll* be glued to the radio and telly for three days, immersed in the tension with a few beers to see us through.

And if you think this is beginning to sound like we’ve got a daft drinking game lined up for the sporting entertainment then you wouldn’t be wrong…

Our Ryder Cup Drinking Game: The Rules

Here’s how it goes. Pick one beer to represent Europe (we’ve opted for Mikeller’s IPA ‘Hair in the mailbox’ in honour of Europe’s captain, Thomas Bjørn, who is also Danish) and one beer to represent America (M&S has been raided for Ska Brewing’s IPA Modus Hoperandi). Then all you need to do is take a swig of the relevant beer when one of these events happens…

  • A player hits a duff shot which the commentator blames on the unique Ryder Cup tension
  • A player hits an outstanding shot which the commentator puts down to the unique atmosphere of the Ryder Cup
  • A player is seen whispering to his playing partner behind a cupped hand
  • A player spins his putter in the air in frustration at missing a putt
  • A player picks a ball out of the hole and does one of those fist-to-fist celebrations with his caddy
  • A player removes his cap before shaking his opponents hand
  • The cameraman pans to a shot of the players wives and girlfriends

Easy, huh?

Now load up on beer, enjoy the golf, don’t get too carried away with the booze and, most importantly… EUROPE: GET IN THE HOLE.

*Maybe not ‘we’. Rich doesn’t much go in for golf. But if there’s beer drinking to be had then he might change his mind…

M&S cans of beer

Some of the new beers on sale at M&S. A Ryder Cup fan’s beery dreams…

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  • Would it be possible to say how much the modus hoperandi set you back? My local M&S hasn’t updated the signage, worried that i wouldn’t get much change out of a tenner

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