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Seed tapes, discs and mats: taking the sowing out of growing

Seed Tape

We’re rarely in a hurry to answer the phone at 2TG shed HQ. Besides not wishing to rush a steady supping of slider the chances are it’s one of two nuisance callers: either the computerised lady trying to get us to claim £2,860 for an accident we’ve never had or Nick’s dad wondering when he’ll receive his next cider delivery. But last week we received a call from a much more interesting source – a company called ‘Seed Developments’ who can claim to be ‘the world’s leading manufacturer of biodegradable seed tapes and pre-sown associated product.’

We’ve often noticed these products in garden centres – as well as targeting children they also seem to appeal to gardeners even lazier than us. And Seed Developments must have noticed our casual approach to gardening because they asked if we would like to try them out. Naturally, we were only too happy to oblige.

The theory behind these products is to simplify the sowing process – biodegradable material is studded with seeds, laid down in place and watered. Not only is it easier to keep your seeds under control and see where you’ve ‘sown’ them, but the seedlings will helpfully emerge at the correct spacing. This avoids the overcrowded mass of turnips we recently created, and removes the need for thinning and transplanting.

Our seed samples include strips of ever day veg such as carrots, lettuces and swedes; pot shaped discs of chillis, tomatoes and herbs; and even vast mats of mixed wildflowers for an instant border. We’ll include these seeds into our growing schedule over the next year, press some kids into service to see how they get on with them, and will report on progress. And we’ll show a bit more willing at answering the phone in future.

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Note: as stated above we were offered a selection of seed tapes for review


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